Being a lifelong football fan, in 1993 when Carolina was awarded the 28th franchise in the NFL, my hopes were to be on the ground floor of a new NFL franchise from its start. After the purchase of season tickets (formally called PSL’s-Personal Seat Licenses), and attending several pep rally, radio and TV broadcasts, we were ready to attend our first game as Panther fans. My wife and I followed every move of our new franchise and attended every game when the team started play in 1995 at Clemson University while our new stadium was being constructed. This also gave me time to repaint and customize my 1974 VW Super Beetle as a Panther helmet. With season tickets in hand we try to make every game and tailgate as early as possible.
     In 1996 my wife Sheree, and I, were selected as Super Fans of the Carolina Panthers and awarded with a trip to San Francisco to watch our beloved Panthers play the 49ers (which we won). Over the next couple of years I built a tailgating trailer to be pulled by the VW so we could haul more “stuff” to the tailgate. At this time Pantherman and Ms Purr were born and could tailgate in “style’.
Bio: Jeff “Pantherman” Pintea
Then on January 19,1999 I was honored by the NFL at the Pro Football Hall of fame in Canton, Ohio as the inaugural “Ultimate Panther Fan” into the “Visa Hall of Fans”. Later that year this same group of fans returned to Canton for the kickoff of the NFL preseason. From these humble beginnings PFUFA (Pro Football’s Ultimate Fan Association) was formed, which promotes fellowship of all fans, encourages sportsmanship and supports charitable activities. During this time we have met and remained friends with fans from across these great NFL cities. We have also traveled to several stadiums to follow our Panthers in their quest for a Super bowl and have never missed the PFUFA reunion in Canton.
     In 2003 my wife was honored as the Ultimate fan for the Panthers and is also in the “Visa Hall of Fans”. We enjoy following our Panthers and also partaking in functions that promote football, charity and helping out in our community. I support all Veterans of Foreign Wars and VFW posts across the country. I am currently President of our Men’s Auxiliary at Stonewall Jackson Post 1160 in Charlotte, NC. Sheree is President of the Friends of The Library and we both support the J. “Babe” Stearn Center in Canton , Ohio, Cancer research and many more charitable organizations.
     In 2014 I purchased a 6x12 Tailgate trailer so we can “tailgate in style” and be able to bring “more stuff” to the games. The VW can no longer pull the mammoth trailer but in 2008 it received a makeover and is now Panther Blue and Black. It is used mainly at Car Shows and selected Panther functions.
     Football and the passion for the sport have allowed us to meet some of the greatest friends, and fans across these great United States. They also have given us hundreds of fantastic memories that we will never forget and will cherish our entire lives! Saying that, we would both like to thank everyone who was ever a football fan, “Our Greatest Sport”!
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